Workshop 1: New (Cross-) Cultural Ventures in Media Psychology

The primary challenge of our first workshop was to create a common theme that would ensure participants would be able to carry out their own studies at the intersections of culture, media uses, and media effects.

Renowned cross-cultural psychologist Prof. Dr. Ype Poortinga was the keynote speaker and mentor of workshop 1, pushing the network towards cohesion, despite the different disciplines and aims brought to the table by network members.

Through exploration of common interest, the network members were able to narrow their focus and commit to exploring together in the coming three years:

Identity and Protest in the Digital Age.

More specifically, our C-Muse will examine the role of the media in political participation and counter-populist social movements in two separate research groups.

In summary, in the next three years, the network will study the role of the media in promoting democratic values and behavior much in jeopardy in the current global political climate. The network will do this from a cross-cultural perspective.

PDF: Full Summary of Workshop 1



Results of workshops 2, 3 and 4 will be updated soon.