Workshop 1

New (Cross-) Cultural Ventures in Media Psychology

Thank you to everyone who attended our inaugural C-MUSE workshop! It was a busy two days (and a busy two nights!). We were thankful that the weather was on our side and we could set up shop on the lawn to bask in the summer sun.

The goal of our first C-Muse Workshop was to respond to present problems in research on culture, media uses, and media effects. Some prominent issues are fragmented literature, methodological divide, and a lack of discourse between disciplines (i.e., media psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and diaspora communication).

Our first workshop featured Prof. Dr. Ype H. Poortinga as the keynote speaker! He inspired us to develop our future research around a common theme. Much of workshop 1 was dedicated to finding this common theme for cross-cultural research concerning media uses and effects.

The common theme we developed for future research is:

Identity and Protest in the Digital Age. Over the next years we will be looking into this common theme from two angles: 1) Identity, entertainment, and political action and 2) Identity and counter-populist movements.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2018 for our second workshop!

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